Laravel 9 Vue JS CRUD Operation Example

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Laravel 9 Vue JS CRUD Operation Example

In this article, we will see the laravel 9 vue js crud operation example. Here, we will learn how to create a vue 3 crud operation in laravel 9.

You can learn to create, read, update and delete operations with a single page application (SPA) in the vue and vue router.

Vue.js is a progressive javascript framework for building user interfaces. Also, vue 3 is the most popular javascript framework. So, you can create crud operation without page refresh in laravel 9 using vue 3.

Vue comes pre-packaged with Laravel (Laravel Mix, an excellent build tool based on webpack ) and allows developers to start building complex single-page applications.

So, let’s see vue js crud with laravel 9, crud operation in laravel 8/9 using vue js.

Step 1: Install Laravel 9

Step 2: Configure Database

Step 3: Install NPM

Step 4: Create Migration

Step 5: Create Controller and Model

Step 6: Add Routes

Step 7: Create Vue App

Step 8: Create Vue Component

Step 9: Define Route For Crud App in Vue Router

Step 10: Include Vue.js Dependencies to app.js

Step 11: Update webpack.mix.js

Step 12: Run Laravel Application

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