How To Generate Barcode In Laravel

  • In this laravel tutorial I will show you how to generate barcode using milon/barcode package in laravel. In this example we will use milon/barcode package and we will implement it in our laravel barcode example.
  • milon/barcode package provide many functionalities and diffrent options to generate barcode in laravel, It’s provide several barcode like C39E,Qr Code, C39, C39E+, C93, S25,S25+, C39+, I25,I25+, PDF417 etc.
  • So, Let’s start and follow below step to get output.

Step 1 : Install Laravel
Step 2 : Install milon/barcode Package In Your Laravel Application
Step 3 : Add Service Provider And Aliase
Step 4 : Create Controller
Step 5 : Add Route
Step 6 : Create Blade File for View

And Finally you will get output like below screen print.

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